Rat Control Richmond

rat control Richmond


Even your pets are not safe from a rat infestation if it gets into your Richmond¬†home. Rats can eat smaller pets. Rats are omnivores, and have enough predatory instinct left in them to consider birds, fish and even some tiny rodents as tasty little treats to have as snacks. Rats can eat chocolate too they don’t have canine teeth and rats do not have thumbs either.


The oils in cedar and pine are actually toxic to rats, and they do not use it in their bedding materials. Whether there are rats in your house, garden shed or land around your Richmond home, our Richmond pest control team will have the solution.


You will be assured you will be getting the best pest guidance from a certified London rat controller and prompt rat control services. Our employees are specially trained to handle the latest equipment and proven pest control techniques and we are able to provide the pest answer.


Be sure to look for advice from our friendly and certified London pest controllers especially if you do not know the extent of your infestation. Feel free to contact our friendly team today for for a free quote and advice on whether you have a rat infestation in your home.

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