bed bug control richmond

All across the borough of Richmond creepy crawly cockroaches are causing problems for many tenants and businesses. Coming out mainly in the dead of night from nooks and crannies in walls and under floor-boards and kitchen units, they are devouring any food stuffs that they come across and leaving a sickly sweet smell wherever they have crawled. Some tenants have collected them by the bag full to prove to doubting council officials of the size of the problem.

Why here, why Richmond you ask? The answer is actually quite simple, continuous forced cuts in services, from rubbish collection through to general maintenance are fast turning areas into havens for pests like cockroaches. The people who are running our council don’t seem to have a clue what it’s like trying to get the most basic of repairs done to our homes. Not surprising really when the majority of them do not live on estates but own their own large homes in the slightly better looking streets (wonder why that is!) in the borough.

Cockroaches may be one bug problem, but a bigger bug that we currently have to bear is a council so full of cutbacks due to the government and the recession. Despite their best efforts to try and solve the problem with cockroaches, it feels like there just isn’t enough money in the pot to get the job done. One property recently treated for cockroaches had to be evicted of squatters and left empty for two months while the treatment was carried out, the problem was that bad. It had also affected surrounding properties.

Unfortunately squats like this aren’t as uncommon as you might think in Richmond, which just leads to the problem of cockroaches getting worse. Homelessness, drink and drug abuse are some of the reasons for more squats being found in more emptying premises due to the recession.


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